How to estimate shipping costs before placing an order:

Our handy-dandy shipping calculator on the website is pretty smart! The most accurate way to get an estimate is to create a "mockup" order containing boxes in the same size, materials, and style as the boxes you plan to order (no need to worry about artwork for this!):

  1. Select the quantity, then click "Place Order." 
  2. On the checkout page, enter your full shipping address and the calculator will work its magic. You'll see all of the options available to your address for this order, along with shipping costs and estimated transit times.

No need to worry, nothing will be charged on your card until you have submitted your order. These estimates are completely free. ;)

For large orders where LTL Freight may be used, contact our Customer Support team and we'll be happy to help with a freight estimation. We'll need to know your shipping address, as well as the dimensions, style, and quantity of your order, as well as how quickly you are looking to receive it.

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